COVID-19 Patient information

24 March 2020

With rising public fear and spread of misinformation on social media it is more improtant than ever to make sure the correct advice is getting to our patients.

There is a large amout of changing information out there which can be difficult to keep of but we have to do our best. I know many surgeries are keeping their websites and social media up to date with as much accurate advice as posisble. 

An exmaple of this is  at:

I include this not because I think it is the best but because I have permission to share it and it is a good example. You may have more up to date, more concise or easy to understand advice. If so please share with your cluster and beyond.

To be fair to our patients they are aware that a lot of the information out there may not be true and are looking to their GPs for guidance. Unfortuantley this is taking up valuable time with our receptionsists and in some cases with Clinical staff. Obviously patients can be directed to the website but a number of surgeries are creating QRcodes to directly link to these advice pages. These are easily created on websites such as They can be printed out and reception staff can show to patients who can scan through a window rather than writing out the web page. Obviously the ideal is patients to not be at the suregry altogether so the direct webpage can be texted through.