Welcome Pack

anna pic.jpgWelcome

Dear Colleague

Congratulations on completion of your VTS!

You are now officially some of the most widely experienced specialists in the UHB.   

General Practice landscape has dramatically changed since you came onto your scheme. Even before Covid, it was one of the most dynamic fields of medicine with the ability to literally adapt overnight in response to the needs of our patients.  As you come off the training programme, your knowledge, commitment and skills are more important than ever to patients as well as Cardiff and Vale University Health Board as part of the bedrock that is primary care.  

So on behalf of CAV UHB and the population we serve, welcome and thank you!

PCIC Clinical Board Director – Dr Anna Kuczynska

I am very pleased to welcome you as a newly qualified GP to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

As Head of Primary Care Services, I am responsible for commissioning the delivery of primary care services across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. I work with a dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals to support general practice and practice staff. Our role is to ensure safe and effective care and to ensure primary care is front and centre in all aspects of service planning and delivery, shaping long term strategy.

By taking up a post within Cardiff and Vale you can be part of this process and unlock many exciting career opportunities. You may choose to become a salaried GP in the first instance or salaried with a view to partnership. The partnership model is strong in Cardiff and Vale with many newly qualified GPs wanting to become partners in their surgery and take on responsibility for its policy and direction. You will also have the opportunity to work as part of the wider primary care team and engage in ‘cluster working’ where GPs, wider primary care contractors (Dentists, Optometrists, Community Pharmacists) and other professions in the same geographical area come together to plan and deliver services for their local population as part of the wider primary care team.

You will also benefit from close links with the Health Board and the career opportunities that this may bring. There are many GPs working in dual roles which combine working as a GP in practice with an honorary contract within a speciality area or leadership roles within the health board. You will also benefit from great links with Cardiff University providing opportunities for medical education and career development.  

I hope this booklet provides you with an overview of primary care services in Cardiff and Vale and the exciting opportunities and support that you can expect. We’re looking forward to getting to know you better and supporting you at the start of your GP career in Cardiff and Vale.

cid:image004.png@01D78EAB.D466D5E0Please feel free to speak to any member of the Primary Care team if you have any questions or if you require any support. 

Clare Evans: Head of Primary Care Services/ Pennaeth Gwasanaethau Gofal Sylfaenol

For more information about working as a GP in Cardiff and Vale click on the images below.