Video Group Clinics in Primary Care

16 November 2021

Welsh Government has engaged Redmoor-ELC to support clinical teams to get set up to run video group clinics (VGCs). 

VGCs are an additional remote digital care model that is tried and tested and supports primary care clinicians to review up to 8 people in 60 minutes (clinician is present half the time). They appear to be especially useful for those with long term conditions.

See how VGCs work. Watch this short animation: 

The basic VGC training and support is available until May 2022, and VGC training is running twice a month. Teams can tap into this from now until end of May 2022

The digital platform approved by Welsh Gvernment for delivery of VGCs is MS Teams. 

There is no on-going cost for clinical teams in terms of software subscription.

GMPI and Welsh Risk Pool have confirmed that clinical work undertaken in VGCs is covered by respective national indemnity schemes

There is some admin involved initially in setting up group clinics alongside one to one appointments. Once they are up and running, VGCs should be no more work as the team would be booking people into a one to one and seeing the people they see in the VGC in one to one in any case. In fact, over time, VGCs should save the practice team (in particular clinician) time.

  • Clinical teams:
    • Find VGCs give a more energising, less transactional experience of caring
    • Save clinician time; 50-80% clinician time efficiencies
    • Support integration; and build primary care team resilience
    • Support workforce development - provide a great learning environment for both non-clinical and clinical members of the team 
  • Patients:
    • Get longer with the clinical team (they experience a 60-90 minute consultation)
    • Learn from each others' questions and experiences
    • Get motivation and inspiration to make lifestyle change
    • Say that they learn more and gain more confidence compared to one to one care 
    • Enjoy the experience of VGCs


For more information about registering for support, contact:

There is also more information about how VGC are working in Wales by clicking the following logo: