Primary Care Services - Cardiff and Vale University Health BoardWhen most GPs refer to any interaction with “The Health Board” they usually mean the PCIC Clinical Board. PCIC stands for Primary, Community and Intermediate Care. The Board commission’s services form 3rd and independent sectors as well as Managing Primary Care Contractors In addition to General Practice, the Board provides a range of Primary & Community based services including Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, District Nursing, Community Resource Team and Community Specialist Palliative Care.


Primary Care is not just about GPs. PCIC has been working on a popular communications project to promote the wider Primary care team to patients and make sure patients see the right person for the right problem. In addition to the services above this includes First Contact Physiotherapists, Mental Health Liaison Workers and brings in Reception staff and OOH call handlers into the Primary care team. This is not only of benefit to the patient but helps with workload for GP Practices as well for more information on the Primary Choice Campaign follow the link on the picture.

Primary Choice - Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (nhs.wales)


The PCIC Clinical Board does not decide on the GP contract – This is negotiated by the GPC (General Practitioners Committee) and Welsh Government. Their job is to ensure that the Independent Contractors (GP surgeries) fulfil their contract and get paid for it. They also commission additional services not in the contract called enhanced services (e.g. Minor Surgery, Coil insertion etc.).

GP Practices liaise with PCIC on a regular basis throughout the year to receive payment for fulfilling their contract and to make claims for additional services as above and vaccination clinics.

Who’s who in PCIC: Who's Who (wales.nhs.uk)

Who’s who in Primary Care Who's Who (wales.nhs.uk)


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