CAV Convention


The way we do things - information for Primary Care

The Cardiff and Vale (CAV) Convention is not a project; it is about changing the way we work and embedding this across our healthcare community. It relies on getting the right people together, working across traditional boundaries and silos to redesign services around what is best for our patients. The CAV Convention is clinically-led and is based on the values of the Health Board. It makes it easier for clinicians to do their jobs through rapid and agile change, flexible working, unlocking resources such as budgets and staff, and more productive relationships between staff members with the needs of the patient at the heart of everything.

The CAV Convention is led by clinicians from across the healthcare community and supported by managers and the executive team.

Seamless care for individuals is paramount. The CAV Convention ensures that the needs of the patient are placed ahead of the needs of the system.

The CAV Convention builds better relationships and an open dialogue between community, primary, and secondary care professionals.

The CAV Convention enacts change across the whole system, consistent with our strategy and the vision for a Healthier Wales, rather than in silos.

Results are delivered quickly and work is done at pace to achieve this. Both clinical time and patients' time is extremely valuable and should not be wasted deliberating change.

Promoting and using HealthPathways, the CAV Convention ensures that the patient journey through our local health system is prioritised and that harm, waste, and variation is reduced wherever possible.

Outcome frameworks are agreed and results are evaluated longitudinally to ensure that projects stay on track.

Work is directly supported by budget holders to ensure that the flow of resources, including staff, is not a barrier to solving clinical problems.

The Clinical Work Group - information for primary care

The goal of the clinical work groups is to identify and implement system change to improve the patient journey. Each Clinical Work group will consist of a Clinical Lead, supported by a facilitator, who is independent and neutral to the issue being considered.

The groups will operate via a number of principles:

  • Patient first - what's best for Wyn?
  • Time is valuable - your time and your patients' time.
  • Trust in the process.
  • Respect each other.
  • Strive for consensus.
  • Commitment to deliver agreed actions
  • No preconceptions - leave your baggage at the door.


Clinically led, independently facilitated

The Clinical Lead will work in conjunction with the Facilitator and Work Group Support Officer to:

  • Organise and schedule meetings for 90 minutes in length.
  • Deliver a programme of five meetings at an interval of two/three weeks.
  • Invite participants to contribute to the work of the group based on knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • Agree and assign actions, including timescales for delivery
  • Keep attendees informed of progress, following up on actions as required.

Invited participants will not be required to prepare anything in advance unless on occassion if specifically requested to do so.

Clinical work groups will also feature and be enabled by representatives from Digital, Informatics, and HealthPathways.