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Local Medical Committee (LMC)

written by Dr Roya Basir LMC

LMC: What is it? 

Local medical committees (LMCs)  are local representative committees of NHS GPs

​LMCs interact and work with – and through – the GPC (general practitioners committee) as well as other branch of practice committees and local specialist medical committees in a variety of ways, including conferences, and in providing guidance for practices.

LMCs represent the interests of all GPs at a local level. As membership organisations, their strength lies in their ability to represent the entirety of the profession.  Locally LMC have representative from different sectors i.e.  GP trainees, Partners, Sessional GPs which includes salaried, freelance and locum GPs.

Your local  LMC's in Cardiff is  the Bro Taf LMC and their main functions and duties are:-

  • To liaise with the two Health Boards in our area (Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan and Cwm Taf Morgannwg) on the administration of the GP Contract.
  • To represent the views of GPs in Bro Taf on general practice and health service issues.  The LMC gives professional advice to the Health Boards on a wide range of matters and is represented on various local NHS committees and groups. It also has links with other health related organisations.
  • To provide GPs with advice and information.
  • To help GPs with complaints, partnership and workplace issues.
  • To help maintain the standing of general practice with the media and the public.
  • To encourage good practice and the maintenance of high professional standards.

Here is a link to their website and contact details

Website: https://www.brotaflmc.org.uk/

email: brotaflmcltd@brotaflmcltd.co.uk

Tel : 029 20899381

RGCP Wales    

For information on RCGP Wales please follow the link: RCGP | Wales Region

Welcome to all new GPs.

You have entered one of the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding careers that you could imagine. The RCGP is there to support you in your endeavours.

So far you may only know us from doing your AKT and CSA, but the RCGP has much more to offer, from training and education, to support and mentoring and, as local faculties, we hope to make the RCGP much more accessible to you, its members.

So what are the local faculties, and what do they do?

 From an RCGP point of view, the UK is split up into 30 areas, each represented by a local faculty. The South East Wales faculty is made of volunteer RCGP Members, and supports 1129 members, fellows, associates, and associates in training across SE Wales.

As a faculty, we aim to make the RCGP and its support more approachable and accessible to our members. Being local we aim to support and represent the specific needs of general practice in our region.

This can take many forms. Our local faculty organises local educational events, sets up mentoring programmes, and runs programs and initiatives to encourage and support medical students and school students considering a career in general practice.

The faculty also serves as an advocate for the RCGP at a local level, and feeds back to central college to allow them to understand the needs and challenges that general practice faces in our region.

Above all, the faculty is a group of enthusiastic and helpful individuals, who have a passion for supporting and improving general practice, and aims to make the RCGP more approachable and accessible.

We are always looking for more people to become more involved with the local faculty and the RCGP as a whole, and we would love to hear from you. Some of you may want to play a more active role  within the faculty, which would be wonderful!

You can find more information on our website- :https://www.rcgp.org.uk/rcgp-near-you/faculties/wales-region/south-east-wales-faculty.aspx

Good luck, and I wish you all the best in a career that is like no other.

Dr Tom de Souza

RCGP SE Wales Faculty Chair

RCGP Mentoring is available for Mentors and Mentees across the profession. It provides a means to connect with other members for informal peer support. As a Mentor you have a unique opportunity to invest in others by sharing your insight and expertise. You don’t have to be of a certain age to be a mentor or for that matter a mentee. Whether you’re just starting out or approaching retirement it is an opportunity to share valuable perspectives, knowledge and skills with your peers and give and get something form doing it in terms of personal experience. You can find out more by clicking on the RCGP mentor logo

Cardiff Medical Society

            Cardiff Medical Society aims to encourage the advancement of medical knowledge and promote the welfare of the medical profession.   

  • The society was established in 1870, it is thought to be the oldest medical society in the UK. The current membership is around 300. Consisting of a mix of medical students, university academics, hospital consultants and GPs both practicing and retired, and doctors in training.
  • Traditionally the society would meet roughly 6 times a year. Atypical meeting would consist of a speaker, either local or visiting. The president of the society chooses the speaker with the aim to make them both educational and entertaining. Meetings have taken place in the medical school lecture theatres, the UHW social club and more recently Insole Court in Llandaff. Covid forced a move to online speaker meetings with a series of lectures in the spring of 2021 attracting audiences of 100. Light refreshments always provided giving members the opportunity to catch up with old colleagues and friends and meet new.
  • Recent speakers have included Dr Matt Morgan Consultant Intensivist “How kissing a frog can save your life”. Dr Russel Delaney Home Office Pathologist and International expert in blast injury and how his work aims to improve safety and survival of future generations of military personnel and the ex-Cardiff City Manager Neil Warnock on Leadership and his life in football. We also host an annual prize the WT Edwards medal for research in any branch of medicine, in 2021 this was for medical students but historically included doctors in training.
  • We also host an annual formal dinner in a Cardiff Hotel.

We are always keen to welcome new members if you are interested in joining please contact the secretary Mr Derek Fishwick Email: cardiff.medicalsociety@gmail.com


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