Cardiff & Vale HealthPathways website set to launch February 14th

29 January 2019

We are delighted to announce that the Cardiff & Vale HealthPathways website will be live from 14 February 2019.

What is HealthPathways?

HealthPathways is an internet based repository of clinical pathways and guidance, developed by local GPs for GPs.

The site will help clinicians save time by:

  • Being easily accessible and intuitive for all clinicians.
  • Contains links to essential resources (e.g. BNF, e-advice, NICE CKSs etc.)
  • Displaying a local General Practice news feed.
  • Advising when testing is not needed & when FU testing can be spaced out (e.g. eGFR intervals for CKD) reducing unnecessary follow up appointments.

The site provides: patient information leaflets, self-management & escalation plans. It is relevant as both an appraisal and a teaching tool.

It succinctly clarifies standard and none standard advice and referral routes (e.g. which specialties provide e-advice, which specialties have unique routes for acute assessment etc.) This will prove to be particularly helpful to locums and those new to the area.

HealthPathways can be accessed anywhere!!  Surgery, home, mobile devices etc…

Dr Maria Dyban, Lead Clinical Editor for Cardiff & Vale HealthPathways says:

“The HealthPathways will make the work of GPs easier as all evidence-based and local information can be accessed in one place. GPs who have used HealthPathways in other regions state that it takes on average just 2 minutes to access the info you need. This will aid Prudent Healthcare principals by cutting down unnecessary investigations and referrals; ultimately saving GP and patient's time! It will also help GP locums to find out how to refer patients to certain specialities. The website can be used by nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals as well as GP and hospital trainees. The Health Pathways therefore should contribute to sustainability of General Practice in Cardiff and Vale.”

Currently, the site has 22 pathways available for use. There are many more ‘base’ pathways available, with more being added every week.

For more information please contact:

HealthPathways Coordinator, Patricia Osborne



Username: HealthPathways

Password:  HealthPathways

Please note that you will be unable to log into the HealthPathways website until it goes live on 14 February 2019.