'Diff - Why this GP is proud to call Cardiff home

14 May 2018

Dr Steven Short, GP at Saltmead Medical Centre, tells us why Cardiff is a great place to live and work.

Cardiff: Capital of a nation, one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, and frankly a place that 8 years ago I knew little about. As a Yorkshireman (who has well and truly lost his accent) I’d had some initial reservations about moving to a country with its own unique language. I’m glad to say that these reservations were never proven to have any grounding and were quickly dismissed. Cardiff is a place I’m now proud to call home.

During the time I’ve spent here, I’ve come to realise that there are not many places in the UK where there is such cultural and environmental diversity, access to great events on your doorstep, and still plenty of green open space.  My cycle to and from work is made much more enjoyable by access to an off-road cycle route which runs alongside the River Taff.

I have the pleasure of working close to the city centre, now running a surgery in the cosmopolitan area of Grangetown. This area is home to a relatively high proportion of people of South East Asian descent, and has the highest incidence of diabetes in Wales.

We have a Health Minister who actually seems to care about the health and well-being of the Welsh population, and who listens to staff. Certainly, things could be better in any healthcare system, but there are ongoing developments, lead by clinical colleagues, with the overall aim to improve services.

I have been lucky enough to become involved in some of these developments, taking a role with the primary care directorate within the Health Board, and also having a position with the National Liver Plan. A number of roles continue to become available, to allow for additional work outside general practice, for those who have the time and desire for additional work interests.

There are many opportunities in Cardiff to work in a variety of GP settings, there are a wealth of cultural and sporting activities, and there are a number of beautiful outdoor areas, both coastal and mountainous, relatively close to the city. I would certainly encourage anyone who is considering Cardiff as a place of work to come and get involved; I’d be surprised for you to be disappointed.