Working and learning in Cardiff and Vale

Working in CAV  

To stay up to date with new developments, job vacancies and innovative ideas keep an eye on the CAVGP web page at: CAVGP 

Performer list

In order to work as a GP in Cardiff and Vale you first need to make sure you are registered on the Welsh Medical Performers List:

Cardiff and Vale Convention

The Cardiff and Vale Convention aims to bring together a group of primary and secondary care clinicians to develop innovative ways of working across systems, inspired by learning from the Canterbury Initiative, New Zealand

Patient centred & clinically led the CAV Convention provides structure and cohesion that enables collaborative working across all facets of our systems.

The Outline of the CAV convention is:

  • A network of Clinical Interface Groups
  • Identification of clinical priorities for innovative change
  • Support the delivery of Clinical Work Groups designed to find local solutions through patient focused discussions
  • Clinician’s education programme in collaboration with partners including the Cardiff and Vale HealthPathways Team


For more information follow click on the tab: 

Primary/Secondary Care Communication

C&V UHB recognise the importance of strong communication between Primary and Secondary Care. If you have trained in C&V you should already be familiar with using eAdvice to get advice from secondary care colleagues on management of patients without need for referral. You can access eAdvice here: 

And log in using your Nadex user name and password.

For more immediate contact and advice you can use Consultant Connect  

Consultant Connect is a communications tool that has now been available to clinicians within the Cardiff and Vale Health Board since June 2020, giving GPs and AHP’s rapid access to Secondary Care consultants and clinicians for telephone advice and guidance (Primary Care App Start Up Guide). The service provides rapid phone advice for GPs and specialist teams, accessible via a free App or unique surgery dial in.  Consultant Connect offers three communication options; phone calls, IG compliant photos and messaging, with all data stored in a secure cloud (PhotoSAF feature on the Consultant Connect App & How to use Safe Clinical Photography video)

To download the app:      


How to sign up to the App - video

If you do not wish to use the app, please email or for your unique surgery dial in number and Live Service Directory Link.”


The Primary Care and Intermediate Care (PCIC) Clinical Board within Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is committed to professional lifelong learning and promotes the continual professional and personal development of all staff in General Medical Practice. 

We provide CPET (Continuous Protected Education Time) sessions throughout the year, and this has traditionally consisted of protected Hotel CPET, Cluster CPET and Practice CPET afternoon events.

We also have monthly lunchtime webinars covering a variety of General Practice Topics, and the webinars are uploaded onto our private CAV PCIC YouTube Channel. This can be accessed by emailing the CPET Team: (Community Director) or

A list of all webinars and presentation slides hosted by PCIC have been uploaded onto the CAV Portal GP Education section which can be found on:,94558956,253_94558966&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL.

Educational and service updates in Cardiff and Vale UHB can be found on the Health Pathways website:

Username: HealthPathways, Password: HealthPathways

CPD for General Practitioners can also be found on

What is HealthPathways?  by Dr Khurram Hashmi

HealthPathways offers clinicians locally agreed information to make the right decisions, together with patients, at the point of care. It is now the main point of information for primary care in CAV.

Access Health Pathways

or scan QR code                       

Username: HealthPathways

 Password: HealthPathways

What's different about HealthPathways?

HealthPathways is designed and written for use during a consultation. Each pathway provides clear and concise guidance for assessing and managing a patient with a particular symptom or condition. Pathways also include information about making requests to services in the local health system.

Content is developed collaboratively by general practitioners, hospital clinicians, and a wide range of other health professionals. Each pathway is evidence-informed, but also reflects local reality, and aims to preserve clinical autonomy and patient choice. HealthPathways serves to reduce unwarranted variation and accelerate evidence into practice.

HealthPathways was originally developed in Canterbury, New Zealand, to support a whole-of-system approach to patient-centred care, and has since been adopted and adapted by other health systems around the world.

Get involved

If you would like to review the pathways as they go out to wider review and comment on them before they go live, as well as keeping yourself up to date on current clinical pathways. Please email You will get 30 mins CPD activity for every pathway.


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